Home Office Design Ideas For 2021

At JennyFields, we are specialists in steel window and door replacements. We know what a difference they can make to the design of your home. The restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in many people working from home, which still continues to this day. While this has become a more permanent way of working, you may be looking for ways to spruce up your new home office. Here’s a guide of some home office design ideas for 2021:

Steel Window Replacements 

If you’ve found yourself confined to your own four walls a lot more over the last year, you may now be looking for things to change. Have you considered steel window replacements? Our windows have period paint finishes and available in a variety of colours; so you can match them to the current look and feel of your home. With A rated double glazing, less heat is able to escape your home, which will help with your heating bills too!

Partitions & Room Dividers

Our partitions and room dividers are great for home offices! If you’re currently working in one large room, why not separate it into two? This will certainly help make working from home a little easier. They have sound proofing properties which will be great for people working remotely in a busy home. If you have kids and pets roaming around or multiple adults working from home, you can limit the distractions and background noise with our products. Their sleek design also helps to improve the aesthetics of your office. Available in either clear or patterned glass, these partitions allow you to create a welcoming and open environment in your home. 

Feature Windows

Our floor to ceiling feature windows would make a fantastic addition to your home office. 

They are a very popular choice, and provide you with ample natural daylight. Perfect for working from home or video conferencing calls. They also have advanced energy performance as well as solar protection glass. We are able to install any size or shape of these feature windows into your home. 


Jennyfields are steel replacement windows and doors specialists. We have been a family run business for over 35 years having transformed homes and companies all over the South East. For a quote or advice, please email office@jennyfields.co.uk or call 01252 315888 today. Alternatively visit our product page for more details.