Home Improvement Trends That Have Been Popular This Lockdown

Lockdown has left most of us unsatisfied with our homes. Many have already made plans for changes or even extensions. There have been many home improvement trends over the last few months and we have helped our clients to achieve their version of it. Take a look at the steel replacement doors, windows and more we provide to improve our clients homes:


Period Finishes 

Not all homes are modern. We take pride in maintaining the historic nature of our clients properties, while providing them with new double glazed windows. Our methods keep the distinctive features of old plan windows. We have spent time to ensure that we are using modern technologies and materials, but with antiqued glass so you won’t know the difference at a first glance. 


Steel replacement Doors

A modern look and security in one product! We have been helping our customers keep safe during lockdown with our steel replacement doors. With toughened A rated double glazing, it allows your heating bills to drop while also remaining safe with a high security multi point locking system. They can even open both ways so don’t worry about limited space or hitting anything! 


Partitions and room dividers

Our newest venture last year was sliding doors. Our products can be made with clear or patterned glass as well as being sound proof. Perfect for an at home office, it keeps your work away from your home life with no distractions from outside noise during your meetings. With thresholdless doors, there’s no limit to where you can place our partitions, lock off an area you don’t want the kids to go in, or keep your office supplies from being stolen by your teenagers, the uses of our products are endless!

Lanterns and skylights 

For any flat roofed part of a home or an extension, light is always a factor to consider. We have helped our clients to add a new feel to their home with lanterns or skylights. These allow more light and make a room feel much more spacious and comfortable. We provide variations that are either slimline aluminium or hardwood. This provides our clients with energy efficient glass roofs with almost no maintenance! There’s even a choice of glazing with solar controlled glazing being an option. 


Contact us – Steel replacement doors

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