Aluminium vs Steel – What’s Best?

When replacing your windows and doors, it’s hard to know the best option. Should you stick with your current steel versions? Or try Aluminium instead for a newer look? Here’s some things to consider when trying to choose between the two. Why not see if steel replacement doors can compare to Aluminium versions? 

Benefits of Aluminium 

Aluminium is considerably newer than steel in its use for windows and doors. It allows for double and even triple glazing to be put in place! Whereas steel can only support single glazing. Aluminium is also much more secure than steel. It meets all the current standards for locking mechanisms, when steel can only support basic locking. Aluminium windows and doors are expected to last between 30-40 years! If you’re worried about your heating bills, don’t worry, aluminium windows can be A rated. This means a reduced level of heat can escape due to thermal protection. With Aluminium doors and windows, you can pick any colour you like, go wild if you really want! But with steel this is less of an option. A big worry for any builder or home owner is rust. It is the bane of all windows. But with aluminium you don’t need to worry about it as it doesn’t rust. This is much better than steel which can easily rust over time. With aluminium windows, there’s no need to worry about getting a highly trained specialist to fit your windows, almost anyone can fit them! 

Benefits of Steel

Steel windows are a classic in the UK. When compared to aluminium, it may seem like they pale in comparison, but don’t count them out just yet. Steel windows and doors are actually three times stronger than aluminium. Furthermore, the panes are often larger due to steel being much slimmer than aluminium. They are very long lasting as the vast majority that are still in place were originally from the 1920s. But be aware that if they need to be replaced, you will need a specialist refurbishment company for this. 

There’s a quick overview of the benefits of both! But, it’s up to you as to what is best for your situation currently! Bare in mind that there are other factors that need to be considered like cost and weather and whether your house is protected or not. 

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