Steel VS Aluminium – What Is The Difference?

Even though there are manufacturing and visual differences comparing aluminium vs steel windows, the styling of these remains popular with many homeowners.


Aluminium Vs. Steel Windows – How The Two Materials Compare.

The decision on what material is best depends on several factors. These include:


  • Whether the budget stretches to the authentic steel window
  • If windows are required as a replacement of existing Crittall or other metal windows
  • If windows, doors or screens are needed inside or for exterior glazing
  • Any specific planning constraints such as replacing like for like.


As good as aluminium windows can be, they will not possess some of the features found in a steel window. It makes sense therefore to compare aluminium vs steel windows and see what each can offer the customer.


Comparing Aluminium Vs. Steel Windows.

Taking a typical steel and aluminium casement window, there are several differences between the two. Though expensive, today’s steel windows are:

  • Incredibly secure utilising a variety of locking methods and passing current security tests with excellent results.
  • Thermally efficient to meet current Building Regulations.
  • Available as double glazed and fully weather-stripped windows with insulation.
  • Available in the full range of RAL, Syntha Pulvin and BS colours as well as other special finishes you cannot get in aluminium.


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