Three Signs It Is Time For New Windows

As specialist installers of steel windows and doors, we know the positive impact of installing high-quality windows. Your windows and the state they are in can be a difference maker for many factors within the home. This includes overall appearance, energy efficiency, and air quality. For this reason, it is important to know when you need to replace them. 


Keep an Eye on Your Energy Bills 

Old and inefficient windows can negatively impact your home insulation. This may lead to higher energy bills. This is also the case for older double and triple-glazed windows. An older window may begin to fail where gaps form between the wall and the frame. This deteriorates silicon and brown units which have a direct impact on energy efficiency. Those in the UK will likely relate to just how expensive energy bills have become. For this reason, new windows may be a good long-term solution.


Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows 

If you regularly struggle to open and close your windows, this can affect the energy efficiency of your home and can also pose a significant hazard risk. The reason here is that in rare cases of emergency, windows are a vital escape route from a home. 

This problem can be caused by a few reasons. In warmer weather, uPVC can often expand thus making them harder to open. If this problem persists regardless of the weather, it may be the case that your frames are warped. 

In our experience installing steel windows and doors, we have also found this to be the case where frames are the wrong size for the opening. This can cause tightness and further warping. 


Too Much Outside Noise

More modern windows are usually designed to keep outdoor noise to a minimal level. However, if you still experience excessive traffic and noise from outside while windows are closed, you may need a replacement. As specialists in steel windows and doors, we know that repairs often will not solve this issue.  Peace and quiet within your home will often require new widows altogether. 



Replacing your windows is well worth the cost when the time is right. Not only will it help to lower your energy bills long term, but it will also ensure that outside noise is kept to a minimum. Especially, if your windows are stiff, you should consider a replacement as this can cause a serious danger hazard in the case of an emergency. 


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