Window Replacement: Where To Start?

Where do you start when replacing your windows? If you are reading this article, it is likely that you are seeking answers to this very question. An integral part of your house’s life cycle, replacing windows is a necessity every 10-20 years or so.


Replacing windows may end up feeling complicated depending on the size of the project and the materials used, but this can always be made easier with replacement window specialists. How does one start this process, and where do they look? Keep reading to find out more from our expert company specialising in thermally efficient aluminium and steel windows.

Replace And Rejuvenate

One of the most important parts of replacing your windows is actually knowing when they need replacing (duh!). Sometimes it is obvious – if the window has some broken glass or you can’t open it, you’ll want a new window as soon as possible. Of course, broken glass is a major hazard, and in no circumstances should be left unresolved for a long period of time.


However, there are some more sneaky signs that you could possibly miss if you’re not looking for them. If there is a draught by the window, while it may seem like a minor issue, it is a sign you should replace the windows, as heat is now escaping from your home. Finally, if the window is only single glazed or was installed 15-20 years ago, as a rule of thumb it’s probably time for a new, improved window. 

The Right Fit

When it comes to choosing a company to work with, it can make things a bit easier if you define your specific needs and wants from the start, and work backwards from there. There are many different companies and options out there, which may, understandably, leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.


We would advise you to look carefully at the company’s website, ask questions, find out how they work, what they offer, and what previous customers have said about the company. This way, you understand more about the company’s values and experience, and better know who the ideal replacement window specialists may be. Some other key questions you need to ask are when the company is available and what areas they cover with their services. It is always worth waiting for the right fit rather than rushing to get the job done.


Jennyfields – Replacement Window Specialists

Jennyfields has an expert team of specialists within the steel windows and doors industry, providing aluminium windows Surrey. We are a trusted family-run business operating with domestic and commercial clients throughout the South East of England for 35 years. 


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