5 Steps To Keeping Your Home Warmer For Longer

Keeping your home warmer for longer during the winter months is important to ensure energy efficiency as well as personal health and wellbeing. The longer it stays warm, the less work for your boiler, meaning less spent on heating. You have a few options when it comes to optimising your windows for winter. For some homes, this could mean getting steel replacement windows. 

Goodbye Single Glazing

Single glazed windows aren’t ideal due to the relatively thin glass, making it easy for heat to escape. On the other hand, double glazed windows have a second glass panel with air or gas in between. This secondary barrier helps stop the heat from transferring, keeping your home warmer for longer.


Wood Frames VS Steel Frames

When choosing a frame type, keep in mind that wood tends to be more susceptible to damage and definitely needs more care to keep it in good condition. On the other hand, steel frames are more robust, can last a long time, and are just as efficient, not to mention that wooden frames are costly based on whether they are soft or hardwood. Therefore, steel or steel replacement windows could be the right choice for you when choosing window frames. 

Window Insulation Film

If you are looking for a quick fix to your heating issues, consider buying some insulation film. This clever and simple invention is applied over the window glass to help the window retain more heat. However, bear in mind that these films are not great for reducing summer heat gain, so consider your plan for when summer rolls around.

Sealing Window cracks

Did you know you could seal small cracks and gaps in your window with caulking? There are four main caulking types: Acrylic Latex, Siliconized Latex, Silicone, and Polyurethane. Acrylic Latex is water-based and best used indoors, while Siliconized Latex is similar but holds

Silanes that make it great for the exterior side of windows. However, Silicone and Polyurethane may not work great for windows, so they should be used at your own risk. 

Jennyfields Windows –  Aluminium Windows In Surrey

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