How New Windows Could Increase Your Properties Value

When selling a home, you’ve got a lot to consider. The age of your home can play a role in the overall process; as older homes may sometimes present trouble for a few select reasons. Whilst an older property in itself may not actually be an issue, aspects such as your home’s windows play a big part in the properties market value as well as just making your home stand out. 


When it is time to upgrade your windows, specialists in steel windows and doors, such as Jennyfields, can help you make a smooth transition from old to new, whilst increasing the personal and retail value of your home in the long run.

Let’s Start Saving Energy

Having an energy-efficient home that can keep warmth in is highly sought after, with many homes looking to cut down costs and become environmentally friendly. Currently, the property market is full of homes with double glazed windows. These double glazed windows are pretty amazing at saving energy, and single glazed properties may struggle a bit more in the current market. Changing single glazed windows into new and improved double glazed windows can help keep your property up to most standards.


Double glazed windows come in different grades from A to E, with A being the best quality. Regulations require grade C or above, so try to ensure that you are meeting this if you do decide to implement double glazed windows for energy efficiency reasons.You can read more about energy efficiency within your home here.


A Worthy Investment?

Besides saving energy, new windows can improve the security and overall aesthetic nature of a home. The level of light entering a home can change the way it feels, and new windows will add an additional sense of safety as windows may deteriorate over time – especially wooden frames (which are not so common or popular but are still in use). 


If you are weighing up the costs of new windows, try to remember that the benefits are absolutely worth the investment. You will likely find that you can regain the costs on the property’s market value. Finding the right steel windows and doors company for your home is essential as you ideally want a fast, easy service that will give you high-quality service and a clean finish. 


Jennyfields – Specialists In Steel Windows And Doors

Jennyfields has an expert team of specialists within the steel windows and doors industry. We are a trusted family-run business operating with domestic and commercial clients throughout the South East of England for 35 years. 


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