Why You Should Replace Your Windows This Spring 

The start of spring often represents a new start in life, with many of us welcoming the start of the warmer weather. The season opens you up to new opportunities. Whether it be starting outdoor sports or working on home projects. However, one project that you should definitely consider this spring is getting your windows replaced. Here’s why you should consider getting your windows replaced this spring from an aluminium window company.

Repair or Replace?  

Before deciding to get your windows replaced, you have likely considered getting them repaired first. However, it is important that you keep in mind that sometimes repairs may only be short term solutions. Furthermore, some factors that might be fitting for a repair might include small cracks, slow-moving or insufficient window exterior frames.

However, there are some additional factors that might indicate that a replacement might be more fitting. For example, these might include; water leakage, condensation, broken faux muntins and mullions as well as structural damage. 

You should be cautious in making your decision as short-term repairs can be costlier long term in comparison to full window replacements. Thus, you should take the time necessary to consider your options carefully when deciding to either repair or replace your windows. 


Why You Should Replace Your Windows in the Spring 

Spring is the perfect time to consider replacing your windows. There are a range of telltale signs that will indicate this too. For example, decaying frames and condensation in the window panels and drafts in the home. Additionally, getting new windows fitted can also help save on energy bills. 

Factors such as these can be costly over time, so it is better to have these addressed at the best possible time to do so – spring. 

Spring is the optimal time to consider window replacements as it is a better time to assess damage, in comparison to more extreme weather conditions such as winter and summer climates. 

Colder climates leave your windows in more danger of condensation or cracking whilst, in the summer, frames often crack which can lead to drafts. Additionally, replacing your windows in the spring will help save energy costs throughout the year. 

Lastly, replacing your windows in the spring allows for the temperatures that are maintained by the heater or air conditioning units of your house to be kept to an optimum level when windows are closed. This will end up reducing energy bills for your home. During the spring, you can opt to close doors to prevent cool air escaping. 


Our Recommendation 

For all of the reasons outlined above, spring is the perfect time to consider window replacements. It is a better time to have windows inspected due to milder weather conditions than other seasons and allows for heating and air conditioning units to be kept to an optimum when windows are closed. The latter will help save energy bills too! 

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