Why Eco-Friendly Homes Need Aluminium Windows 

The popularity of eco-friendly homes is on the rise as more people try to reduce their bills, make their homes more efficient and help out the environment. There are many different ways in which to create an eco-home. At its core, one of the major features is the windows. 

Windows are a major source of heat loss, thin glass and poorly installed frames can lead to warmth dissipating out of your home. To compensate, homeowners may raise the heating which can drive up bills and waste energy.  

As the replacement window specialists, Jennyfields offers quality and professionally installed windows and doors to create an eco-friendly home. 

What Are Eco-Friendly Homes?

Eco-friendly homes may be a new concept to some. The basic idea is a home that does not need as much energy and heat to sustain itself. Architects go to great lengths to design new homes that offer the best energy efficiency. However, updating your current home is a more inexpensive and quicker way of becoming eco-friendly. Adding a set of solar panels to the south side of your roof or improving your windows are great methods of making your home more eco-friendly in the long run.


Aluminium Vs Other Materials

Aluminium is a cost-effective building material, and with our polyamide thermal break you can expect a warmer home. When a window is installed professionally, a set of aluminium windows can last a long time and keep in the heat.

Wood is an unstable natural material which can be hard to maintain. Wooden frames can chip and rot if you are not careful. Wood can also expand due to heat and wet weather exposure. This could damage or break the window panes and create an unwanted bill. Even a tiny crack could grow into a much larger issue.


Why Go Eco?

When you next look at your heating bill, try not to get lost into the world of high tech, energy-saving gadgets for your home. Consider the core features of your home first, windows can not only reduce your bill but also reduce your carbon emissions and impact on the environment.  


Jennyfields – Replacement Window Specialists

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