4 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows are an important part of the home. Without them, all the warm air would take over the home in summer or leave just as fast in the winter. They can last for an incredibly long time, it can be easy to forget that they won’t last forever. So if you have older windows in your home and doors or you can’t remember the last time the windows were replaced, this might be a good time for some new steel windows and doors. Replacing your windows could benefit you financially in the long run. 

Is It Me Or Is It Cold?

If you sit by the window you may ask this question a lot, old windows will tend to let drafts through. Pockets of cold wind can get through broken seals on these old windows and make it harder to keep your home warmer in the winter. You may brush these drafts off as nothing, however, if you have air vents on your windows that are closed and you still feel these drafts, there is a problem. 


Ow’ That’s Hot!

When it comes to safety for things like fire, we are taught to feel the door with the back of our hands. The same can apply for windows too. If you feel the pane of glass on the window during the summer and winter months. If it is cold during the winter months and hot during the summer months, that may suggest that the window is not insulating correctly. This also means your home is not retaining its heat well. If your windows are like this, it is a good idea to contact a window replacement service for advice. They will be able to come assess your windows and offer their recommendations.


Are Those Cracks?

What may seem to be a small crack in a window frame or in the glass can grow over time if ignored and become a much larger issue. A window can be put under high stress during its lifetime due to intense temperature fluctuations and impacts from closing and opening. This can result in stress fractures in the frame or window itself. Our windows frames have a polyamide thermal break which retains its shape throughout temperature changes, take a look at our steel replacement windows.

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