Steel Replacement Doors: Why You Might Need Them

At Jennyfields, we’ve specialised in steel replacement doors and windows for over 35 years. So we know the multitude of benefits that they can bring to your home or office. Here’s a guide of why you might want to consider getting steel replacement doors:

Safe And Secure

Our steel replacement doors are safe and secure, we have designed them this way on purpose. They have a high security multi-point locking system and are made of toughened A – rated double glazing. Many of our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you and your family have an added sense of security in your home.

Long Lasting

Our steel replacement doors are long-lasting and highly durable. So you’ll be enjoying the benefits of our doors for years to come. 

Adds Value To Your Home

Installing high quality, modern doors like these into your home, can also be a savvy investment for any homeowner. Investing in our doors not only improves the aesthetics and look and feel of your home, it also increases the market value. This makes it an excellent choice for any homeowner, you can enjoy the added safety and aesthetics, while also enjoying the larger price tag when you move.

Suitable For Any Project

Our steel replacement doors are suitable for anyone and are ideal for any project size. From narrow balconies, to wide and high barn doors, whatever your needs are we can help. Our products can be tailored to your space and design for the perfect fit. Furthermore, they can open both in and out which gives you the best feel for your space and can ever give you added space!

Many Options Available 

We have a range of different materials, colours, glass and period hardware, that is available to choose from. So you can match your doors to the current design of your home. We offer a personalised service and can help you customise your doors to your specifications. Whatever your vision is, we’re confident that we can help make them a reality and get you the look you’re after.


Jennyfields are steel replacement doors specialists. We have been a family run business for over 35 years having transformed homes and companies all over the South East. For a quote or advice, please email or call 01252 315888 today. Alternatively visit our product page for more details.