Art Deco Windows: Explained 

At Jennyfields, recently we have been lucky enough to be able to replace art deco windows in some of our clients homes. These windows, that were once the norm, have now become a rare site. We want to retain the look and feel of these unique windows. Whilst adding both security and energy efficiency to homes. Take a look at our explanation of what Art Deco windows are like:


The 1920s Minimalist Style 


This style of window was first brought into fashion in the 1910s in Paris. This french style was brought over to Britain in the 1930s. The art deco style is quite set apart from the norm, and caused a noticeable effect on house design in this time. They are so unique due to the elegant slim lines and occasional sections of curved glass. It’s quite uncommon to see houses with this style in the 21st century as they have been phased out over the decades. 

Art Deco Replacements


There are a few issues with Art Deco windows because they are harder to replace than to normal windows. When they need replacing, it is often the case that they will be removed entirely rather than replaced with a newer version to retain the history. We are changing this story. For several of our clients we have taken care to restore the windows while retaining the design from decades ago. We make sure to give our clients thermal protection through double glazing, while retaining the look of single glazing. We make sure to use our putty line angled horizontal glazing bars to keep the stand out characteristics in place for the ideal look. 


Art Deco Doors


It was common for houses to have art deco windows, but doors were not affected by this change in fashion. In most cases they have changed very little in the last century. We have started a new venture in offering our art deco window clients the option to change their doors to suit the same theme. It provides an overall finished look and keeps the home in one style. 


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