Period Finishes – What Are Your Options? 

Here at Jennyfields, we offer a wide range of products and services. These range from steel window replacements, feature windows, partitions and much more. Additionally, we also offer period finishes

If you are lucky enough to own a period home, you will understand the importance of maintaining the style through your windows as well as throughout the home. As specialists for steel doors in the UK, we will guide you through what we can offer for period finishes. 

What Do We Offer? 

In addition to retaining the original slimline look of original steel windows, we also strive to ensure that we can replicate original period features. We do so using modern materials as well as the latest technologies.

For instance, our external georgian glazing bars are angled like the original putty lines. This includes the authentic overlapping flat bars on the inside. 

In addition, we also offer a variety of matching period handles with brass and bronze finishes. However, we still include high security multi point locks with a key deadlock. 

What is Included in this Service? 

For period finishes, we offer a range of different services. These include features such as putty line glazing bars, overlapping internal glazing bars and antiques and soldered lead strips. 

In addition to all this we can also provide: 

  • Lead chevrons
  • Single glazed effect
  • Full choice of RAL colours including dual colours
  • Working butt hinges
  • Peg and stays 
  • Replica handles operating new lock systems 
  • RTD finishes on all hardware. 


Jennyfields understands that it can be difficult selecting the best windows for your home. This can be especially true for period properties. For these kinds of properties, you will want windows that beautifully match the aesthetic of your home. However, you will also likely want to benefit from modern day features such as UPVC. We are here to help, providing many service options. These include support with putty line glazing bars, lead chevrons, lock systems and much more. 

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