Choosing The Ideal Window For Your Lifestyle


There is much to consider when choosing the ideal window for your home and lifestyle. This can vary from the cost, to the style of the window and plenty more. As specialists in art deco windows and steel window replacements, we have written this article to help you come to the right conclusions for you. 

Window Styles – Choosing What is Right for You 

If you are having a renovation or simply getting your windows replaced, you will want to consider the range of different window styles there are to choose from. For instance, many will opt for a window replacement that is both double glazed and thermally efficient. A window such as this can be useful for keeping your home cosy and warm in the harsh winter months.


Windows such as this may also be ideal if sustainability is important to you.. Double glazing will help reduce the need for heating which will in-turn help the planet as you lessen your carbon footprint. Thus, double glazing will also help reduce your energy bills, making it ideal for those looking to cut costs. 

Art Deco 

Alternatively, perhaps you want something a bit more stylish for your home windows. At JennyFields, our steel replacement windows have featured in many properties featuring distinctive art deco style. We can produce elegant and slim lines and curves that add unique character to a property. 

Feature Windows 

Advancements in energy performance glass and solar protecting glass have allowed feature windows to become a popular choice within many homes. These types of windows are full height from floor to ceiling. These are often very stylish displays that can bring a lot of natural light into a property. We are able to fit any size, shape and can include doors or opening windows too. 


Choosing the right window from your home will rely on you to look at what is important for your lifestyle. If you want to save money and help the environment, you need to ensure that you choose highly efficient double glazed windows. However, for aesthetics you may also want to consider slimmer curvy art deco windows or large feature windows that will bring natural light and the beauty of outdoors into your home. 

JennyFields – Art Deco Windows and More 


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