3 Top Tips To Improve Energy Efficiency At Home

Every year we spend money to keep our homes warm during the colder months. Sometimes it may feel like you are spending more than you should be; unfortunately, this may end up proving true.

Did you know that, on average, our homes lose around 18% of their heat through the windows alone? Over the year, this can quickly add up, causing the household to lose money. However, there are some things you can do to improve this, including steel windows and doors.

Single Vs Double Glazing

You have most likely heard these terms before, and just one extra glass pane can make a huge difference. Two pane windows, known as double glazing, have an air-filled gap between both panes of glass. Depending on the size and the gas inside, the gap helps prevent the warm air from escaping. Changing single glazed windows into double glazed can be expensive; however, the long term savings over the years is worth it. 

Material Decisions

The material of the window frame can make a difference too, and materials such as wood have a low environmental impact. However, they require a lot of maintenance, and as such, metal can be more beneficial. Metal as a material lasts much longer than wood and does not require as much maintenance. The metal can be melted down and recycled for other uses or new window frames should the frame be removed. Therefore, steel windows and doors can be an excellent choice for improving your home’s energy efficiency. 

Stop That Breeze

Having double glazed windows in steel is a significant first step, but we can take this further. There is usually a curtain where we have a window, and you can find heavy thermal curtains that help keep the heat inside. On top of this, there are seals, compression strips and silicone sealants you can buy. These can help bring steel windows and doors up and level, making them even better. This can also be an excellent first step before you consider replacing a window or door. 

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