Five Reasons To Choose Double Glazing Every Time

If you have been window shopping (no, literally) lately, you will have likely come across the term ‘double glazing’. Sound familiar? Double glazed windows have two layers of glass with a space between them, designed to reduce loss of heat and exclude noise.


But is it worth choosing double glazing over single glazing? As steel window and doors specialists, Jennyfields will give you a run down of why you should choose double glazing every time.


Better Insulation


Double glazing is developed to provide better insulation than traditional glazing. The double glazed windows provide a better barrier, and end up reducing the amount of heat loss from your house to the cold outer air. This way your house is better placed to retain the heat gained from the sun during the day. 


Noise Reduction


Nobody likes noise pollution. Luckily, with double glazing you will not have to worry about this. As we stated in the previous point, they provide better insulation for noise compared to single glazing – this means they are great at keeping the outdoor noises, well, outside!


Double glazing ensures that your house is a quiet and relaxed environment away from the loud world outside. From neighbours, to street sounds, you will be able to forget it exists. The windows also keep any noise coming from your house inside. This keeps your conversations within the house.


Increased Property Value


Double glazing allows your house to retain heat that has accumulated during the day from the sun. More insulation also leads to reduced heating bills, as you’ll find that you need to turn on the heat far less often during the winter months.


Not only this, but during the summer months when the weather is much hotter, the cool house means you do not need to turn on the air conditioner as much.


It is Eco-friendly


Now more than ever, there is a heightened focus on protecting our planet. The impact of fossil fuels has been extreme, and it is vital that we reduce our negative effect on the Earth. As double glazing reduces energy consumption, it is much better for the environment, and can add to the eco-friendliness of your home. 

Reduced Interior damage


Sunlight can be harmful to your physical possessions. As you may have noticed, UV rays can slowly cause damage to fabrics, affecting the colour in many cases. To prevent this, installing double glazed windows can minimise the amount of UV radiation that gets into the house. The insulation provided by double glazing means that your possessions won’t end up as damaged.


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