Repairing Vs Replacing Your Windows – A Guide

Have you noticed an error with your windows? Perhaps you are suffering drafts, or your window is no longer functioning smoothly? You know something is wrong, but you don’t want to face it or know where to start. We can help. Jennyfields are aluminium windows and doors specialists, here to give you the answers you need, when you need them.


If your windows are damaged you will be faced with the following question; do I replace or repair them?


This widely depends on the situation, and in this article we will discuss both options further; 


Repairing Windows


The pros of repairing windows initially may be the idea of reducing costs (we know a nice set of new windows aren’t cheap ..) but in the long run, repairing your windows rather than replacing them often leads to longer term costs as they will wear down quicker and often need repeat repairs. Whilst this is not always the case, sometimes buying new windows can help avoid complications and stop any errors occurring which may end up becoming more expensive in the long run. 


This is something that is really important to consider when choosing whether to replace your windows or repair them. If you get them repaired by a professional, you will likely be safer than if you try and repair them yourself, which is often not advised.


It is also important to factor in how large scale the repair work would be. If multiple windows are damaged, it is likely a sign that your windows are now reaching the end of their life, and you will be better off consulting a professional to get new windows fitted.


Replacing Windows


Whilst new windows are beautiful and beneficial, they can often cost a lot, and so it is important to consider if it is indeed time for you to replace your windows.


Windows need replacing every 15 – 20 years as a recommended guideline. So, if your windows are reaching or past this mark, it may be time to get in touch with a window replacement specialist and start the process of replacing your windows.


It is vital that you replace your windows when necessary, as windows left damaged or unsafe can become hazards, as well as becoming inefficient and non-environmentally friendly.


We would recommend aluminium windows and doors to ensure a long life and energy efficiency.


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