Steel Windows And Doors

Even though there are manufacturing and visual differences comparing aluminium vs steel windows, the styling of these remains popular with many homeowners.   Aluminium Vs. Steel Windows – How The Two Materials Compare. The decision on what material is best depends on several factors. These include:   Whether the budget stretches to the authentic steel … Read more

Steel Windows and Doors

As specialist installers of steel windows and doors, we know the positive impact of installing high-quality windows. Your windows and the state they are in can be a difference maker for many factors within the home. This includes overall appearance, energy efficiency, and air quality. For this reason, it is important to know when you … Read more

Steel Replacement Windows

Here at Jennyfields, we don’t only see the importance in carefully installing aluminum and steel replacement windows, but in the process which follows after too. Our family-run business takes pride in each part of the process, even after completing the main job. This means ensuring we play our part in what happens to the replaced … Read more