The Trending Window Styles For Spring And Summer 2022

Another season is coming to pass, and we are steadily progressing into 2022. Despite the buzz of the new year fading, there are still exciting new developments to note.

What is something that never stays the same? Trends. It is a guarantee that with each new season, new trends will emerge. This will include design trends such as window styles and features.

In this article, we will outline the trends for spring and summer, including art deco windows, colour pops and sustainability. Read on to discover more…

Colour Changes

Whilst white or black is still the go to colour for most, more and more we are seeing pops of subtle colour integrated into window styles. This is lovely to see as we head into the warmer months, and more modern expression allows for colours to be integrated into properties. A popular array of choices is grey, bronze, gold or deep blue. This can be really eye catching and a great way to add to the room.

Only some window materials allow for such a wide variety of colours, so talk to the window specialists you are working with to find out what is possible. 

Sustainable Windows

In 2022, the crackdown on sustainability is more intense than ever, and there has been a wave of homeowners keen to improve their environmental impact. Energy efficient windows are usually two or three panels of glass sealed into a single unit. These windows are effective for reducing energy waste as they are designed to limit the passing of heat, air and sunlight through the panes. This is also aided by the inert gas such as argon that is filled in between the glass panels within the window.

Exaggerated entrances

Spring in 2022 is all about art deco windows, high curves, and arched top windows, and we are definitely here for it.

This is also underpinned by the increase in larger windows over the last century, as houses can accommodate larger windows without hindering on structure or temperature regulation. 

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