How Feature Windows Improve And Increase Valuation To Your Home

Extensions in general are expensive. However, they add value to your home and in most cases cancel out the cost as the property value increases. Although adding value, not all extensions compensate for the price. For that reason, homeowners tend to inquire about renovations that have the best chance of increased valuation. New windows aren’t only an investment in terms of return when the property is sold, but also energy efficiency. 


Repair Vs Replace

The average homeowner doesn’t replace their properties windows unless they have to. Think about the number of windows within your house. For this reason, window replacements can be expensive. The primary reasons homeowners invest in window replacements include; Updating the appearance of the property, improving energy efficiency and insulation, replacing due to windows having previous damage.

Repairing windows is a much cheaper alternative as only the damaged ones need the work. Most older style windows (original windows if the house is older) have wooden frames that can corrode over time from natural causes. Even though the window may look badly damaged, repairs can usually take place. Window trims can be filled using epoxy putty and have the glass pane replaced.


New Window Price Compared To Added Value

Calculating window costs vary depending on certain factors; what type of windows you require, size, quantity. Steel replacement windows are made of slimline aluminium, they can be replaced without creating a dramatic change to your home’s appearance during installation. They are also thermally efficient fitted with A-rated double glazed glass panes to retain heat around the house. The average price in the UK per window is anywhere between £500-3,000 per window. Even though this adds up fast and becomes costly the value added to your property will receive a nice boost.

Added window replacements have a high return rate, the rate can be heightened even more by choosing the most energy-efficient options. According to the most recent Cost vs Value report, window replacements can offer a return of 73.4%. returns of windows usually are higher than mid range kitchen remodels. 


The More Energy Efficient The Higher The Return

The U.S. Department of energy stated that windows are responsible for 25-30% of a home’s heating and cooling use. Not only does investing in steel replacement windows provide a return on investment but also savings on energy costs. Energy-efficient windows are composed of high-quality frames, multi-paned glass, low-E glass and warm edge spacers.

These qualities provide more insulation and in turn, reduce outside temperatures coming inside.


Is It Worth Replacing Windows?

Definitely! Replacing windows helps the planet reduce your carbon footprint, provides a strong return on investment and reduces annual energy costs. Our surveyor team at JennyFields can come to your property, provide a quote and obtain measurements and recommendations accordingly. Meaning all you have to do is make a phone call or email!


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