How A Skylight Can Benefit Your Home

Are you currently looking for a new light source or window to increase the energy efficiency and natural light that enters your home? If you are, a roof light may be the perfect solution for you. 

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Benefits Of A Roof Light

Energy Efficiency – Since roof lights add natural light to your home, you will no longer need to rely primarily on artificial lighting to illuminate the room. Although they allow all-natural light to enter, of course, they do not completely replace the need for lights. However, they will reduce your overall energy consumption bill. If you are looking for a product that can add value to your home and save on your energy bills, this may be the perfect solution for you!

Improving The Size Of The Space – Whilst adding a roof light will have no impact on the size of your room, it will make it feel much more spacious and open. With natural light filtering into a room, regardless of the size, the room will feel bigger. Roof lights also benefit people who may feel claustrophobic, this illusion of space will provide natural light to enter and lighten up a room whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

Natural Light – Having a well-lit home is important to most people, and roof lights are the perfect example of how natural light can replace the need for bulbs and LEDs. Many homes are built close together with fewer windows to improve privacy. This comes at a cost; natural light. Whether you have a home with minimal natural light due to trees or other properties surrounding you, a roof light may solve the issue, eliminating dark areas within your property.

Improved Mental Health – Natural light has been scientifically proven to benefit your mental health and well-being. Whether you are feeling low or stressed out, adding a source of light, preferably natural, could improve your mood. Think about how you feel when it’s raining compared to a day without a cloud in the sky. You gain an unlimited source of vitamin D if you plan to work or relax under a roof light.

Increased Airflow – Roof lights can have openers, these are more commonly known as vented roof lights. Ideal for homes that suffer from airflow or circulation issues. Homeowners that suffer from extremely hot summer months could benefit tremendously from these roof lights, sucking warm air from the home and allowing cooler air to enter when the lower-level windows are opened. These can be opened manually, by a rocker switch or a remote-controlled switch.


Jennyfields – Steel Replacement Doors, Windows And Roof Lanterns

If you are looking to create a fantastic finish to the visual impact and lighting of your home our range of roof lights and lanterns may be the perfect addition. Composed from either slimline aluminium, these glass roofs provide excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance. Each roof light or lantern is made to measure, custom to your specifications and size requirements, available in a range of RAL colours and a choice of glazing. Whether you need steel replacement doors and windows or have an interest in roof lights, get in touch with our expert team today on 01252 315888 or email us at, we’d be more than happy to help!