Choosing The Best Replacement Windows For You; Our Tips

The time has finally come to replace your windows. Where do you start?

For many, replacing windows and doors is a new experience. As window specialists, Jennyfields wants to offer solutions to your questions and help you find the best replacement windows possible. 

Starting out, you should always bear in mind that the windows right for you will differ depending on your house. Getting it right matters, as the style of your windows can drastically change the overall look and feel of your property.

Material Matters

The material of your replacement windows is a core aspect to be considered. You may not be aware of your options, so here are three popular choices with the pros and cons;


If you choose PVC frames, you will likely save yourself money and time, due to easy maintenance. A cheaper option, PVC still has a good thermal performance. However, PVC has a shorter lifespan, and a higher level of contraction and expansion compared to other materials for windows and doors.


Wood frames can be great if you want a variety of colour choices and customization options. They are also thermally effective. On the downside, wood frames come at a much higher cost and a long manufacturing time.

Aluminium and Steel

As aluminium and steel window specialists, we are firm advocates for steel or aluminium window frames. Strong, sleek and clean, they are long-lasting and incredibly thermally effective. They can also be personalised in a variety of powder-coated paint finishes.

Glazing; Do You Know Your Options?

Yes, the glass in your windows really does matter. But, do you know your options when it comes to the glazing of your windows? 

Your windows will be assessed on their energy rating, a combination of factors added together, such as the type of glass combined with the air-density. The energy rating of your window must be between A and C, and your window glazing has a direct correlation to this.

Jennyfields – Helping You Choose Windows And Doors

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