How To Create A Stylish Home Office With Limited Space

So you want to transform a space into a home office, but you’re finding it tricky with the small space you have? It’s a common modern-day problem as we try to accommodate a new working-from-home lifestyle, but fear not, there are plenty of useful tips and tricks to help you maximise your space without compromising on style.

Desk Space

A traditional desk in your mind may be a clunky, heavy piece of furniture which fills a room, but it doesn’t have to be! You may find that using a ladder-style desk with shelves above and below the primary workspace to be a great solution, and allows you to display books, folders, plants, and anything else you may need throughout the day. Alternatively investing in a fold-out desk that can simply be packed away at the end of your day might make for a clever desk idea which doesn’t compromise space, and can be a decorative addition to the office!

Natural Light & Furniture

To make a home office look bigger, it is important to maximise the natural light, and choose furniture and items which further elevate the bright, uncluttered nature of the room. Why not try updating your windows to allow for extra daylight? Steel Replacement Windows may be just what you’re after, and also add an elegant touch to the interior and exterior of your home! Considering a window refresh and also using a light colour for your walls and furniture is a good idea to give the illusion of a clear, and bigger space, and even choosing a transparent chair will help to declutter the office. 


Storage is your best friend in a small home office- if optimised correctly! When choosing storage such as drawers or bookcases ensure you keep in mind the mantra of ‘up, not out’. By choosing storage that is taller than it is wide you are making use of the entire vertical stretch of the room, without reducing floor space; this can dramatically change the feel of your office, and allow you to store more without feeling like you’re surrounded by ‘things’. Shelving can also be a great way to maximise storage above pre-existing furniture, and if you are unable to purchase a ladder-style desk, adding shelves above your existing desk will give the same great outcome!

It is always possible to create a home office that is inviting, and using these suggestions you can design your office in a way that suits your needs and style so that you no longer dread Mondays!

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