Window Styles To Achieve The Best Airflow

Coming into the warmer months it is likely that we will start to feel that dreaded stuffiness that arrives with the first weeks of summer.

Familiar with the feeling? Believe it or not, there is a way that you can minimise the amount of stale, warm air sitting in your home.

Well ventilated windows can reduce the feeling of stagnant air in the home, and increase natural airflow. Jennyfields have been installing aluminium windows for more than 30 years, trust us when we say that the right set of windows can change your home life for the better.


Choosing The Right Style

If you’re not up to scratch on your window styles, don’t worry, we like to think that we take care of the complicated bits. Here are some of our top window style choices for maximum airflow;


Bay Windows

Bigger than most windows, the middle panel of a bay window is usually fixed, with the two side panels operating to help aerate your space from two directions rather than just one. This allows for a multi-directional breeze to flow throughout the room, keeping it fresh and cool.


Before jumping in though, it is important to note that you do need a rather large opening to accommodate a bay window, although if you have the space, it is definitely worth it. Bay windows are beautiful design features that really stand out in a room such as a living room or dining room.


Casement Windows

For maximum ventilation, casement windows are as good as it gets. With the panel opening completely, this style of window allows you to control the direction and velocity of the breeze passing through. A casement window can be utilised fully to eliminate any still air sitting uncomfortably in a room, and when windows are placed opposing each other, cross-ventilation is achieved with great efficiency. 


Double-Hung Windows

Installing aluminium windows in a double-hung style can also be a smart option for airflow, as air can enter through the bottom opening whilst hot air will rise and leave through the top opening. A good choice for those wanting airflow at a steady and consistent rate throughout the home. 


Jennyfields – Experts In Installing Aluminium Windows

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