How To Maintain Your Steel Windows & Doors


You may not automatically think of windows needing maintenance, but you'd be wrong. Many steel windows can last the lifetime of the house itself as long as they are looked after properly. It’s often a simple process of just keeping your windows clean and rust-free, so that they remain in top condition. It doesn't take long and isn't back-breaking work luckily, even just 10 minutes every now and then can mean that your windows won’t need replacing, meaning your hard-earned cash stays in your pocket. 


Condensation and mould 


These are tricky things to keep under control in our environment. Our weather has a habit of being very wet and cold when our homes are warm and dry. This creates an area of condensation on the windows. A good way to keep this under control is using a dehumidifier to keep the damp under control. If condensation does appear, make sure you wipe it away with a cloth to prevent any build-up. Over time, condensation can lead to mould. The best way to deal with this is to remove any visible mould and clean the area well, making sure to clean away condensation in future as a preventative measure. 


Rust and corrosion


For metal windows and doors, rust is a common problem. The best way to monitor this is to regularly check your windows both inside and out to find any places where corrosion or rust has occurred. To prevent this from happening, steel windows can undergo galvanisation. This is the method of covering the steel in a thin layer of zinc. This method slows the rusting process dramatically, it is usually done before the windows are made through electrolysis or spray flaming. However, you can buy products that are spray-on; these provide an added layer of protection. 


Our recommendations: 


In life, your metal windows and doors aren't generally your priority, but a few bits of maintenance now and then can add years to the lifetime of your windows. Make sure all areas of the windows are clean of dirt, dust, flies and paint etc. If your windows aren't opening the way they should add a bit of WD-40 to ease it. A large part of windows use is to keep the weather on the outside. Check that the seals are working properly to keep your heating bills low. If your windows are put in with putty, check this yearly to see if any parts need to be replaced. 


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Create a stylish home office with Jennyfields partitions & room dividers


Has lockdown meant you've spent too long working in a space that is cramped and dark? Well now's the time to change that. Gone are the days where an office would be a bland room with a few family photos dotted around. Make it part of your home, rather than the space you dread to go to on a work day. Make it a space that's bright and airy, using natural light so that it's not the hidden part of your home, why not try steel interior slim line screens? It may not have been your first thought for a home office renovation, but it should have been. 


Sound proofing


Anyone that works from home knows that video calls don't always go to plan if you have children, or even family members in the next room. It can result in screaming or laughing being a constant background to a serious call; not exactly the impression you want to give in a work call. With steel interior doors, you can work to minimize the background noise. Our slim line screens are created to block out excess noise. Meaning you can keep your concentration and have uninterrupted calls. 


Types of glass


Fed up of a boring and unexciting office? Change it up a bit and add some colours. Whether you’re looking for new doors or windows, this method can mean that your office has a whole new look and feel, when you've only changed one thing. Choosing between clear or patterned steel interior screens is a very personal choice, so we provide you with all the available options to make the space right for you. If you need clear windows to keep an eye on your children, or want a pattern so you can shut away your office at the end of the day; the choice is yours. 


Full locking security 


Your office needs to be a safe place, with potentially confidential information, you need to be able to lock it away. Steel interior doors have a full locking capability to ensure that your office is secure. Whether it's just keeping the kids out so they don't draw on your work, or keeping a clients information private, security is key. 


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Jennyfields are specialists in Internal glass doors and screens. We have been a family run business for over 35 years having transformed homes and companies all over the South East. For a quote or advice please email or call 01252 315888 today. 






3 Reasons To Add Steel Window Replacements To Your Home


Has lockdown got you looking at your windows and grimacing? Are you finding they don't quite fit the bill anymore? Why not change it up. Transform your space with something as simple as new steel windows. Not sure it’ll work? Believe us, it will. 



Give your room a new feel


Everyone knows that windows frame the view. Change the way both your house, and the view looks. Why don't you try something old. The world is so focused on the new and improved that they've missed that steel is the way to go. Don’t blend in with the crowd. Steel windows, with their timeless classical character, can change the feel of your home as well as boost the overall value. The varied design and patterns of steel windows can transform the look of a room, preserving a feel from decades ago.



Steel Windows is where it started: Keep the character


When someone says “windows” what do you think of? The snazzy double glazing encased in plastic? The cheesy adverts you see on TV? Let’s change the way people see windows. Why would you want new when you can have classic? You can never go wrong with steel windows, these aren't just a phase that will quickly pass, steel windows are the future as well as the past. If you think that you’d have to give up double glazing in order to have new windows, you’d be wrong. Any new windows provide modern day benefits, including security and thermal efficiency. There’s no need to give up the character to maintain the 21st century perks. You can have both.  



Keep it simple


Steel creates windows like nothing else, not being affected by air moisture and varying temperatures mean they are useful in any climate or country. Add on that they don't accumulate mold like other materials, what’s not to like? Have fears that they might rust? WRONG. They won't. Nor will they corrode or suffer from general weather buffing. Whether you’re in an area of constant rain, or in a place with no protection from the wind, these timeless classics are always an option. 


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Jennyfields are window specialists. We have been a family run business for over 35 years having transformed homes and companies all over the South East. For a quote or advice please email or call 01252 315888 today. 


4th May 2020


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March 2020


March 2020…This will be a fantastic month for Jennyfields. We will be launching several new branded products unique to us, including a seamless welded door using our own JennyWelds® technology 


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March 2018

We have been taking our industrial look windows and doors to the High Street. Our frames can be seen here at the Spanish Butcher Resturant Glasgow




28th July 2.016

We are pleased and delighted to announce that are new windows have obtained a WER Energy Rating of A+ as well as our usual Uvalue of 1.6


27th March 2016

We are pleased with the feedback and reviews we are recieving for our new Art Deco Front Doors. Looks great in either a contempoary or period setting


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